Our Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing a timepiece from scratch is everything but an easy task to deal with. In this section we want to give you some insights on this process.

From Design to Prototype

From the first sketch to the final product shown above is a process that involves various rounds of 3D rendering and prototyping. Depending on the complexity of the watch design, movements and components used, the length of this process can vary significantly. Here at Aaron Vinley Watches it usually takes around one year.

We always start with a computer animation, only on rare occasions we still draw our watches by hand. Even though this is still the romantic notion of many watch enthusiasts, but the digitalisation has hit the watch industry like any other industry too and makes our job easier and the result better.

Nothing possible without IT: designing watches with IT support reduces errors, increases accuracy and lowers retail prices significantly.

Once the computer work is done it is time for prototyping. This is the most thrilling process as it reveals feasibility of the design. (Obviously it is way more fun than just sitting in front of a computer the whole day too!)

The process starts with the manufacturing of the components, this happens together with one of the worlds leading watch manufacturers in the industry. In a second step the components are assembled and then tested thoroughly. You repeat this process till you eventually match your desired design and quality standards. By far this is the most time intensive process as it involves various feddback loops and can take up to 7 months.

Hands on with prototypes: assembling and testing via various loops is a fairly time consuming process - but neccessary to meet our standards.

Once the prototypes match all criteria and have been assessed thoroughly, you guessed it, it's time for manucaturing. As we are a very small team of watch lovers and designers we leave this task to our partner manufacturers. This process enables what our brand is build upon: outstanding quality at fair prices. By partnering directly with world class manufacturers that have been producing watches for luxury brands over decades, we can offer you our timepieces at a fraction of their retail price.